Urgent! Government of Uzbekistan torture civilians and beaten moms in front of their children!

PRES RELEAS 2019025 August 3, 2019

On August 1, single mothers Tleubike Ulddasheva and Perizat Begjanova and their children came to Freedom Square in front of the Savitsky Museum to protest and go on a hunger strike against the unconstitutional regime of Uzbekistan in Karakalpakstan, which persecute human rights activists and doesn't obey Constitution of Karakalpakstan and Rule of Law, does not support poor families, single mothers do not provide unemployment benefits during the destructive level unemployment is up to 90% and does not provide childcare benefits. They had posters "We are on hunger strike", "Who listens single mom, Women Committee doesn't !" "Respect The Constitution" "We are on a hunger strike".

The whole protest broadcasted on Instagram and posted on Telegram and WhatsApp. Two young man Saipnazar Kaipov and Bisenbay Dosjanov video-recorded protest when about 20 agents of National Guards, National Security and Police of Uzbekistan attacked them and beat them up. Tleubike Uldasheva has bruises and severe concussion. Perizat Begjanova was beaten up in front of her 3 years old daughter Delfuza who said to her mom later that "she don't to go to this park anymore".

In her video statement Tleubike Uldasheva said that they were beaten up in front of their terrified kids. They were pushed into the prisoner's transportation trucks and took in police station where Tleubike Uldasheva subjected to tremendous pressure to sign self incriminating papers, which she refused to do. After interrogation without access of attorney, without access of human rights defenders and relatives, police kept mothers with their kids in confinement cell. About 11PM mothers were taken to Court without attorney who made up case and fined Tleubike Uldasheva to 2,400,000sum (about 300$USD) and Perizat Begjanova to 1,100,000 sum (125$USD). Judge's Idiotic reasoning of these fines were that citizens of Karakalpakstan cannot hold protest in public place. Beside that Human right defenders Tleubike Uldasheva, Omirbek Kurbanov, Bahtiyar Nietullaev and Perizat Begjanova witnessed and saw Saipnazar Kaipov and Bisenbay Dosjanov beaten up and tortured so bad that they couldn't open eyes, bruises all over the face, shirts of Saipnazar was ripped off and they barely can walk.

All our demand last three days to release Saipnazar and Bisenbay were ignored by Uzbek authority. Family of Bisenbay devastated, they found the car without Bisenbay himself and police misleading relatives and keep saying them that there is no Bisenbay in police station even other workers of police station pointing out that two beaten up guys in jail Bisenbay and Saipnazar. President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev continue unprecedented practice of torture of civilians of Karakalpakstan. Most bizarre answer to the question what is the reason of such torture? And reason is video recording of protest in public place? The Government of Uzbekistan is hiding policy of ethnocide in Karakalpakstan and now its hiding torture of civilians. The officer at Nukus city police station said that they were ordered to keep Saipnazar and Bisenbay until all signs of torture go away.

We are asking the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of United Nations to take a close attention to violations of human rights and torture of civilians in Karakalpakstan by Government of Uzbekistan and his president Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Well organized Uzbek Government officials, prosecutors, judges, police forces torture civilians, intimidate them and effectively hide the trace of violence. (photos and videos below).

T.Uldasheva's swollen ankle

T.Uldasheva's fresh bruises on leg from beating

Emergency room paperwork of Tleubike Uldasheva states that she had multiple buses and swollen tissues

T.Uldasheva's bruises and swollen tissue

T.Uldasheva's bruises on leg

Tleubike Uldasheva and Perizat Begjanova with their kids on protest in Nukus city, Republic of Karakalpakstan

Video statement of Tleubike Uldasheva after arrest, beating, court and night in jailing with their kids by Uzbek authorities

Video footage of protest until arrest!