Organized crime human trafficking covered up by President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev

Our one year long investigation of death and disappearance of newborn children in Karakalpakstan took new turn after sudden deaths of doctors of Karakalpakstan under unknown circumstances. After the deaths of prominent doctors MD's Aman Eshanov, Berdakh Daljanov and others we received information which brought to light organized crime - human trafficking and illegal organ trafficking in Karakalpakstan. High Uzbek government officials involved in this horrendous organized crime in Karakalpakstan:

Shavkat Mirziyoyev - The President of Uzbekistan

Hakimbay Halimov - Shavkat Mirziyoyev's representative and former General Prosecutor of Karakalpakstan, kingpin of organized crime and executor

Atajan Hamroev - the Minister of Healthcare of Karakalpakstan

Sariev Kaharman - Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Karakalpakstan

Allambergenov Farkhad - General Prosecutor of Karakalpakstan, former mayor of Takhiatash

Ermashev Jenis - Mayor of Hojeli city

Tajiev Erkibay - Vice General Prosecutor of Uzbekistan

Tajiev Nemat - Entrepreneur, brother of Tajiev Erkibay

Xodjiev Daniyar - former Minister of Healthcare of Karakalpakstan

Murat Kamalov - head of Uzbek State Security agency, Karakalpakstan branch

and doctors and nurses of Uzbekistan.

We already reported last year that 16 children born dead and taken from mom without any permissions and those moms even didn't have a chance to see dead bodies of their children. That was only in Hojeli city Republic of Karakalpakstan. We learned that the same cases of disappearing children occurred in all other cities of Karakalpakstan. After that those moms started to demand the bodies of their children and wrote complain to city mayor and general prosecutor. Some of those moms were intimidated by mayor Jenis Ermashev and others forced to withdraw their complains and all cases were closed by prosecutors and mayors. We have to mention that Jenis Ermashev and State security agents of Uzbekistan assassinated brother and sister of prominent political opposition and member of democratic party Alga Karakalpakstan Bahadir Jaksimuratov and everybody knows brutal wrath of Jenis Ermashev in Hojely city. Beside that we received the same kind of multiple complains in Nukus city and other region of Karakalpakstan. Even well known hero Allaniyaz's grandchild born dead. Most dead children taken away from their mom.

Today we received multiple reports that those newborn children were sold for organs. Also we received information that doctors well aware of the practice of organ removal from alive persons without their permission. Above mentioned crime syndicate is selling those organs and newborn children for organs to international customers. Leaked information to the public was the real reason why the Minister of healthcare Daniyar Hodjiev was discharged and transferred from his Minister of healthcare position couple month ago. President of Uzbekistan is profiting from this multimillion business syndicate. When these information liked to public and the information about human trafficking about involvement high Uzbek government officials went out of control the new Minister of healthcare of Karakalpakstan Atajan Hamroev with Uzbeks Government Security agency organized assassination of key witnesses - doctors of Karakalpakstan MD Aman Eshanov and MD Berdax Daljanov and other doctors. They died under unknown circumstances and officially they died from coronavirus.

When Berdax Daljanov the autopsy doctor who knows absolutely everything about these crimes, started to feel that his life in danger he asked to deliver these informations to us if anything happens to him. From the informations which we received you can see how whole scheme works: Uzbek doctors (doctors from Uzbekistan) stealing new born children for organs and killing people of Karakalpakstan to steal their organs and then Uzbek state security agents providing super fast transportation and delivery to international customers. If any complains come to city hall or to prosecutor, mayor and prosecutors intimidate complainant, closing case and removing all records.

Berdah Daljanov also pointed out that Uzbek doctors started to practice organ removal from alive person who went to accident without permission for a long time and basically it is a murder and personally ordered by General Prosecutor Hakimbay Halimov in 1999. Genocide against people of Karakalpakstan approved by president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov and then Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave green lights to this inhuman horrendous organized crime. Instead of saving lives doctors of Uzbekistan killing people of Karakalpakstan to sell their organs. Berdah mentioned thousands of organs have been sold annually by this organized criminal Government of Karakalpakstan appointed by President of Uzbekistan to make hundreds millions dollars in profits.

We want to point out that Sariev, Hamraev, Hodjiev, Tajiev, Halimov, Allambergenov are also relatives and represent Tadjiev's criminal mafia who jailed and assassinated tens of thousands of innocent people of Karakalpakstan.

New Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile

Sariev Kaharman - Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Karakalpakstan

Allambergenov Farkhad - General Prosecutor of Karakalpakstan

Atajan Xamraev Minister of Healthcare of Karakalpakstan

Hakimbay Halimov - Chairman and Representative of President of Uzbekistan

Jenis Ermashev - Mayor of Hojeli city of Republic of Karakalpakstan

Shavkat Mirziyoyev the President of Uzbekistan and Jenis Ermashev

MD Aman Eshanov Surgeon of Karakalpakstan died in unknown circumstances

MD Berdax Daljanov autopsy doctor of Karakalpakstan, died in unknown circumstances