President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev just killed boss and key witness of human trafficking Xak

We received overwhelming respond after publishing human trafficking and illegal human organ trafficking organized by kingpin of organized crime General Xakimbay Xalimov who is also one of the boss of crime syndicate and Mafia founded by Amin Tajiyev in 1990. Xakimbay Xalimov found dead today after two day since we published the article where Xakimbay Xalimov mentioned as a boss of organized crime human trafficking, which you can find here. The source said that it's unclear if his death was staged or real. But one is clear that if Xakimbay Xalimov will go down he will take Shavkat Mirziyoyev with him and it was obvious that the electric chair was shining for Shavkat Мirziyoyev. All Uzbek government media today announced the death of Hakimbay Xalimov and in one voice praise him for his great services to his homeland. The question is which one Karakalpakstan or Uzbekistan. As for Karakalpakstan Xakimbay Xalimov is personally responsible for slater and ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands. As a boss of an organized criminal organization for human trafficking, his name will be mentioned in the press for a long time. And as an organizer of a coup d'etat and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of residents of Karakalpakstan, his name will forever stand next to the names of Hitler, Musolini, Pol Pot, Himmler and other evil of mankind.

We are receiving overwhelming numbers of facts about illegal human organ trafficking organized by Xakimbay Xalimov. The son of big wig of Karakalpakstan died In 2001, we can't provide names because of ongoing investigation and the security agents of Uzbekistan are masters of obstruction of justice in Karakalpakstan. When the guy went to hospital because of drug overdose it was unclear if he was dead or alive and his father wasn't allowed to visit his son because the doctors provide autopsy. That is new thing in Karakalpakstan "invented" by Xakimbay Xalimov the General Prosecutor of Karakalpakstan at that time. When the father received the dead body of his son he found out that something missing inside and he invited his family doctor and asked to check if anything is missing inside. The family doctor opened up the dead body and they saw that the heart, the liver, lungs and kidneys are missing. He couldn't do anything because President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov boiled alive people of Karakalpakstan at that time in Jaslik prison compound.

The family doctor confirmed that those organs were taken while the guy was alive and all doctors of Karakalpakstan knew about organ trafficking organized by Xakimbay Xalimov and all doctors have to keep mouse shut to keep the jobs and to survive.

General Khakimbay Halimov, head of organized crime in human trafficking in Karakalpakstan, and the executioner of the people of Karakalpakstan died on July 22, 2020.

As we discovered with our own experience authoritarian regimes are committing and initiating horrendous crimes against minority and suppressing small nations. With today's pandemic people of Karakalpakstan are experiencing all horrendous crime from Uzbek Government which considered as a Genocide, crime against humanity, mass murder and today we saw how President of Uzbekistan is killing key witnesses of his all those crimes. In last article published here we already mentioned that Uzbek state is killing not only witnesses but also the most educated and experienced elite of Karakalpakstan and we need to stop it. We would like to project all these crimes against humanity and Genocide against minority and small nation as a global problem nessesery to bring to attention of the United Nation as an example.

Government of Karakalpakstan in exile