How Uzbek Government is killing civilians of Karakalpakstan without any consequences

Uzbek Police officer, head of Karaozek police department of Uzbekistan Rametov Mahmut drink and drive, hit and killed by his car citizen of Karakalpakstan Nurbekov Aybek date birth Januart 18, 1997. We have reports about it issued by Uzbek Government officials. Next day after that car accident Rametov Mahmut hospitalized and came out clean.

Uzbek Government forged government document of Karakalpakstan and now it states that Rametov Mahmut retired from his job six days before an accident even official reports states he was on duty. (pic)

This small example shows how easy Government of Uzbekistan forges official Government documents of Karakalpakstan including the Constitution of Karakalpakstan. This example shows absolutely absence of law and total lawlessness in Karakalpakstan whatsoever.

Security agents of Uzbekistan, police and local authorities provide tremendous pressure on family diseased Nurbekov Aybek and parents forced to give their forgiveness and (WHATCH THIS!!!) they wrote in the report that the parents of Nurbekov Aybek forgives murder of their son and they don't press any charges. After that letter Rametov Mahmut freed and ready to kill another citizen of Karakalpakstan!

What a lawlessness of Uzbekistan!!! This practice is adopted by President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev for the purpose of illegal arrests, torture, killing and persecution of the civil activists of Karakalpakstan! That is part of Genocide against people of Karakalpakstan provided by Uzbek Government!

Let me remind that last yeah on August 20, 2019 Uzbek Government police officer, detective of Karaozek police department Utambetov Sultan beat up Jaybergenov Kuanish and crushed his jaw and get away with it. He systematically beating up civil activists of Karakalpakstan and members of political opposition.

This police report states that Mahmut Rametov the head of Karaozek police department hit and killed Nurbekov Abdibek while he was head of department. Later the Uzbek Government forged document and made him retired from police six days before car accident happened.

Another negligence and dumping poisonous chemicals already made sick all neighbor resident of Tahiatash (photo). That is another example of Uzbek Government's mass murder policy of people of Karakalpakstan.

Dump of poisonous chemicals in Jayhun community of Tahiatash region next to kindergarten and public water supply. As the result the drinking water extremely toxic and locals states that there are cases with intoxication and death of residents. But Uzbek Government on purpose keeping this poisonous dump open and disposing here toxic chemicals every day to kill more residents!

We need full blown action of UN to separate Republic of Karakalpakstan from Uzbek Government and restore the Independence of Karakalpakstan to stop these inhuman actions of Genocides.

The Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile