Urgent Appeal of the Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile !

To all UN authorities, UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, General Secretary of the UN, and to all UN members.

Urgent Appeal of the Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile.

Our constitutionally independent country of Karakalpakstan has been occupied by neighbouring Uzbekistan since 1993. With the collapse of the union of countries known as the “USSR” back in 1990-1991, the nations of Central Asia, instead of getting liberated from the Soviet colonial exploitation, went into even greater degree of enslavement via widespread poverty, injustice and lawlessness. The states of the former USSR which had been artificially created, have now really become “prisons of nations”, mired in despotism and corruption while throwing abroad millions of their own citizens as cheap labor not needed in their home countries. The sovereignty of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, proclaimed in The Declaration of Independence of The Republic of Karakalpakstan and later solidified by The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, disappeared. Uzbek government convicted the much-suffered ancient Karakalpak nation to complete annihilation with ignoring both its independence from the former USSR and state sovereignty proclaimed by Karakalpakstan on December 14, 1990.

For over twenty years, Uzbekistani central government is carrying out a policy of genocide of Karakalpak people and denying their basic human rights and the very means of their existence. Under Uzbek occupation, the land of freedom-loving Karakalpaks has become truly a concentration camp with overwhelming and sophisticated oppression system of the people. The monstrous Nazi-like crimes committed by the Government of Uzbekistan against the citizens of the Republic of Karakalpastan have been recently uncovered.

The greatest example is recently commited horrible act of bioterrorism by President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev who had  personally sent his coronavirus-sick envoy to meet with the President of the Republic of Karakalpakstan in Nukus (Capital of Karakalpakstan). His envoy passed the coronavirus infection to the Head of State of Karakalpakstan Mr. Musa Erniyazov who died shortly in the hospital from that infection. The information about his death was suppressed by official Uzbek media. Today, in the tiny country of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, more people die from the coronavirus than in all of Uzbekistan, and the Government of Uzbekistan hide this information to the international health organization. There is a clear evidence that today, in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, when Uzbek doctors treat Karakalpak ethnics from allegedly coronavirus, majority of their patients die from unknown infections resulted from anti-coronavirus injections which are performed by Uzbek doctors. Another such crime is the removal of organs from the live citizens of Karakalpakstan who were admitted to hospitals without their permission under pretext of various reasons. All of those who had died from coronavirus were found to have undergone suspicious autopsies and removal of internal organs. In addition to that, it has been revealed that Uzbek government set it as a system in Karakalpakstan to systematically steal newborns following by their sale for organs and other unknown purposes to People’s Republic of China. As a cover up, mothers are told that their babies were born dead. The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev is personally responsible for these crimes and the crimes have been committed with impunity, resulted in multibillion-dollar profits collected by Uzbek government in the last twenty-eight years!

The Government of Uzbekistan is carrying out policies of Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on denial of Karakalpak people any access to both potable and household water. They cut of water supplies of Karakalpakstan almost completely, and the people of Karakalpakstan have to drink very unsafe water which carries various pathogens and infections. The Government of Uzbekistan misinforms international community of the results of efforts taken with the financial support of international community to restore water resources of Aral sea which is dried up almost completely due to insane overconsumption of water for irrigation of dry areas in cotton cultivation. 

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev uses slave children labour in cotton harvesting. One metric ton of cotton is sold on international markets by Uzbekistan for approximately 1500 US dollars while children, pregnant women and old folks forced to manually harvest cotton earn eight US cents per kilogram of cotton collected, and even these money are not paid. So, essentially, the Government of Uzbekistan uses slave labour in the fields. Medical doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, engineers and skilled professionals are required under criminal punishment threat to go out in the field to collect cotton days in and days out. 

The most incredible atrocity is committed by Shavkat Mirzioyev, the President of Uzbekistan, against women of Karakalpakstan who are undergoing mass sterilizations by force and deception. This needs to be immediately stopped because it endangers the whole nation of Karakalpaks.

In addition to the above mentioned genocidal policies of Shavkat Mirziyoyev and his government in Uzbekistan, both terror and destruction of the Karakalpak people have been carried out by the following methods:

1) the ongoing military occupation of Karakalpakstan by the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan and the deployment of troops and weaponry of the Uzbek armed forces on its territory in order to keep the people in obedience and prevent them from developing their own statehood;

2) an all-pervasive espionage system has been organized by the State Security Service of Uzbekistan in Karakalpakstan; illegal arrests and detentions of Karakalpak activists, threats and torture widely practised;

3) suppressing the consciousness of the Karakalpak people by the Uzbek mass media via disinformation campaigns and denyingthe people of Karakalpakstan to have their own mass media, radio and television, which would be independent of and not controlled by Tashkent;

4) depriving the Karakalpak people of the right to express their free will and denying the Karakalpak people the very right to have free elections that are not controlled by Tashkent;

5) banning any Karakalpak political parties at the territory of Karakalpakstan and the persecution of the Karakalpak national movement; as well as depriving Karakalpak citizens of the right to occupy top positions in Karakalpakstan as well as appointing ethnic Uzbeks sent to and controlled by Tashkent to top-level positions in Karakalpakstan;

6) depriving the Karakalpak people from the right to develop their economy, industry and the banking system while using the land and bowels of Karakalpakstan only as a source of natural resources and deliberately hindering the development of the infrastructure of Karakalpakstan; as well as the unbridled exploitation by the Uzbek government of the natural resources of Karakalpakstan in their own interests, no proceeds of which are allocated to Karakalpakstan;

7) utilizing the territory of Karakalpakstan for industries that are harmful to the health of the population as well as detrimental to the environment, and for the disposition of nuclear wastes; 

8) the creation of unbearable economic and social conditions in Karakalpakstan, as a result of which both huge number of Karakalpaks, and especially young people, had to have moved abroad; to be precise, the deprivation of the Karakalpak people of their very future; the residents in Karakalpakstan sometimes have no means to buy electricity and must disassemble the floors of their homes for heating;

9) creating favorable conditions for the development of a dangerous epidemiological situation, starting with the widespread development of hepatitis and tuberculosis among the population, as well as hiding the actual situation in Karakalpakstan stemmed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile duly representing all the occupied Karakalpak nation calls upon member countries of the UN and all international governing bodies to support us in our struggle to liberate Karakalpakstan from occupation and to force the occupying government of Uzbekistan to stop its neo-Nazi policies of genocide against Karakalpak people. We call upon the Security Сouncil of the United Nations to  condemn the genocidal policies of the government of Uzbekistan and its President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile strives for Karakalpakstan’s  independence from Uzbekistan in order to sustain the achievement of full sovereignty as a platform for making true social, economic, spiritual, historical, and political transformations not only in Karakalpakstan, but in the whole area of Central Asia, which is a common house of her nations in both cultural and spiritual terms. Our Government sees Karakalpakstan as the core nucleus of future integration processes in Central Asia, on which the stability and prosperity of Eurasia depends as a whole.

Therefore, the Government of the Republic of Karakalpakstan in exile proclaims that upon attaining the real sovereignty by the Republic of Karakalpakstan, its main priority as a state shall not be ensuring of a kind of shameful “silence” built on the bones of victims of political repressions, but to achieve sincere and genuine freedom of all the people based upon the respect of human rights, on their future in the  country that belongs only to them and upon creating conditions for comprehensive development and direct global linkages in our age. The Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile declares that our steps towards achieving freedom and justice will be extremely clear and tangible. For this, we, in particular, undertake that an independent and sovereign Karakalpakstan:

1) will become a magnet and safe haven for all persecuted and oppressed, both in Uzbekistan and in other countries of the region; we will invite to move to Karakalpakstan all of those who are subjected to pressure in their countries and regions due to political and religious reasons; for those people and their families, who are affected by dictatorships, we will ensure full security and all possible support, especially social guarantees; any extradition of such people back putting them in the hands of their persecuting authorities in home countries will be entirely out of the question;

2) will make human rights protection in Karakalpakstan a top political priority; such atrocities as torture, ill-treatment and humiliating punishments will be outlawed unconditionally; the symbol of the repressive policy of the Uzbek regime in relation to the people - the Zhaslyk prison complex, in which thousands of innocent lives perished forever -- will be immediately closed; moreover, both law enforcement and administrative positions will lose the status of giving privileges and access to personal gain; the responsibility of public officials before people will turn into reality, and will be ensured by their universal electiveness from top to bottom and an unconditional accountability before the people, as well as the all-out transparency of all government bodies and levels of management;

3) will ensure complete freedom of business and investments; guarantee the inviolability of property rights; arrange the tax system in such a way as to ensure the most intensive and transparent development of the economy and private initiative whereas no legal individual incomes of citizens shall be subjected to arbitrary arrests or stoppages;

4) will bring about the natural resources of The Republic of Karakalpakstan to serve her people, so that they are not being used as a means of personal enrichment for any dictators, officials and their relatives alien; moreover, every citizen of the Republic of Karakalpakstan will have the right for a fixed rent from the usage of the country’s wealth; at the same time, The Karakalpakstan Government in Exile also admits direct responsibility to those people who were deprived of their interests and who were stripped off of their assets; therefore, we will invite all people representing the most socially disadvantaged and deprived strata of the population of Uzbekistan to move over to Karakalpakstan and take an advantage of the indicated rent such as follows: people with disabilities, people who have lost their ability to work and were left without any support, family members of the repressed citizens, all of those who have been proactive in their solidarity with us striving to achieve the new level of development within the new political and economic order in the region;

5) will turn the defense of freedom of the fatherland, as well as the rule of law, honor and dignity for all citizens, to become the honorable duty of every citizen, as opposed to a subject of usurpation by the corporation of "elite officials"; for this purpose, not only the right to bear arms will be ensured, but each citizen will be provided with them and trained to use them by the state;

6) will support the principle rested upon the core asset of The Republic of Karakalpakstan which is her people; in that regard, both national and demographic policies shall not be repressive in any sense, but as humane as possible, just contrary to the restrictive measures that are carried out towards Karakalpaks by the Central government of Uzbekistan; our government will maintain that the Karakalpak state is obliged to support the growth of birth rate and to ensure the general well-being of the population whilst any restrictive initiatives in this direction are to be banned; at the same time, The Republic of Karakalpakstan will become truly the free state for all, where every citizen and alien will have a guaranteed opportunity for their national, linguistic and religious identity and will not be restricted to exercise their rights; it is important to add that both freedom of secular and of religious education will be guaranteed; the right to national and religious autonomy will be secured; any restrictions of citizens' rights on a national and religious basis will be considered as crimes;

7) admits that appreciation of memory of national heroes and Karakalpak nation’s freedom fighters, such as the first President of The Republic of Karakalpakstan Dauletbai Shamshetov, is one of our core national values;

8) declares that the sovereignty of the Republic of Karakalpakstan is not a subject of political bargaining or of obtaining preferences from the other states; The Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile has set the goals of complete independence and national sovereignty as opposed to trying to just replacing one foreign master with another one; at the same time, we are opened up for cooperation with all progressive forces both domestically and internationally;

9) in order to ensure the region’s water security, The Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile calls upon restoration of part of its historic territory that secures access to the Caspian Sea via negotiations with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, so that the population of the Republic of Karakalpakstan can gain unhindered access to drinking water by using filtration of the waters of the Caspian Sea and protect itself from environmental disasters and possible political pressures from Uzbekistan;

9) affirms that the sovereignty of The Republic of Karakalpakstan cannot be infringed upon by any foreign entity including The Government by Uzbekistan, as it was proclaimed at the OSCE International Conference in September of 2019  by the members of The Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile; the presence of Uzbek authorities of Uzbekistan at the territory of The Republic of Karakalpakstan comes in direct contradiction with the Article 4 of the Declaration of Independence of The Republic of Karakalpakstan which has been adopted on December 14, 1990; in case of the refusal of The Government of Uzbekistan to withdraw its forces and to remove its authorities from the sovereign territory of The Republic of Karakalpakstan, such refusal will be considered as both outward invasion and occupation, so that the toughest measures shall be reserved to by The Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile such as military action aimed at physical destruction of Uzbek troops and Uzbek government authorities whereas all the global responsibility for the escalation of conflict in the region and ethnic tensions, which both may result in severe casualties, would be borne by The Government of Uzbekistan; however, the deadly enemies of independence, freedom and prosperity of the citizens of Karakalpakstan shall be given a worthy rebuff;

11) requires the removal of all symbols of power of Uzbekistan, such as: signs, attributes, flags, slogans and other paraphernalia of The Government of Uzbekistan from all the buildings and the billboards throughout the territory of The Republic of Karakalpakstan; demands the restoration of Karakalpak language as the official language according to the Declaration of Independence of Karakalpakstan; calls for an immediate cessation of all and any Uzbek propaganda, political campaigning and anti-Karakalpak policies of Uzbekization throughout the whole territory of The Republic of Karakalpakstan;

12) calls upon the immediate stop of “quarantine” and the exploitation of the coronavirus pandemic for the sake of political repressions, terror and intimidation of citizens of The Republic of Karakalpakstan.

The Government of The Republic of Karakalpakstan in Exile, acting on behalf of nearly two-million Karakalpak nation that is currently living under ruthless Uzbek occupation as well as on behalf of Karakalpak diaspora spread around the world, proclaims herewith that Karakalpakstan is a sovereign nation and it is not any part of Uzbekistan! The Government of The Republic of Karakalpakstan in Exile admits that all political ties with Uzbekistan are de-facto and de-jure effectively severed. 

The Government of The Republic of Karakalpakstan in Exile calls upon common senses of all sovereign nations, people and governments, who cherish the fate of the oppressed Karakalpak people and who can hear the voice of universal justice! The dictator and creator of modern nazi style genocide against Karakalpak people, President of Uzbekistan and his oppressive occupying government have to be internationally condemned and their deeds exposed to the world! The Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile appeals to all governing bodies of the United Nations and to all member states to support our just struggle to save the nation and land from military oppression, from environmental genocide and from slave conditions of living while condemning the horrific anti-human policies of President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirzioyoyev.

The Government of The Republic of Karakalpakstan in Exile and leaders of Karakalpakstan political parties as well as human rights activists from Karakalpakstan and Uzbekistan:

The Government of Karakalpakstan in Exile

Absolutely lie about the current situation in Uzbekistan and Republic of Karakalpakstan become available to all UN members before dictator Shavkat Mirziyoyec made a speech today !